Check-in locations found within
Beaver Run Resort and Conference Center
(All Registrants MUST check-in for Event Prior to Participating)

Please see below for an example of 2017’s check-in information




December 3 Conference Rooms 1-3
(3rd Floor)
December 4-8 Conference Rooms 7-8
(2nd Floor)
7:30am-10am & 12pm-2pm

Registration Fee: 
Early Bird Registration (before October 10th): $35 event registration (additional program fees may apply)
After October 10th: $50 event registration (additional program fees may apply)
*PLEASE NOTE that 2018 prices are subject to change

Event Waivers
Disabled Sports USA Liability Waiver & Media Release

All staff, participants, instructors and volunteers are required to sign a Disabled Sports USA Waiver & Release of Liability Form at the event. Anyone who does not sign the liability waiver cannot be permitted to participate.

Anyone 17 years of age or younger or anyone 18 years of age or older who has a cognitive disability that renders their sole signature non-binding who is traveling to the event without a parent or legal guardian must bring a correctly signed waiver with them. 

Guidelines for proper waiver protocol can be found here.